Can you work your way toward your dream career without school?

canadian job satisfaction

In 2012, graphic designers in PEI made $18.53/hr (on average), while nationally, the wage was $23.91/hr.

Source: EMSI


In 2020, there will be 304 paramedic positions in PEI, up from 44 in 2001.

Source: EMSI

The Next 36

Maybe. If you’ve got the chops.

young entrepreneurs networking

There are business connections to be made by students in PEI.

Kid President has some advice for teachers and students

In 2012, HR managers in PEI made an average of $31.38/hr.

Source: EMSI

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

- Chinese Proverb


It’s never been easier to pursue your artistic dreams without leaving PEI.


Careers for people who like digging up facts.


It’s getting harder to find good help.


Practicing medicine in rural PEI is apparently not all that enticing. The government is trying to change that.

hungry students

Do you know how many university food banks there are in Canada?

Photo includes (l-r) Cheryl Paynter, CEO of Innovation PEI and Mentor with CYBF; Gillian MacRae, Founder of Get-Gifted and CYBF client; Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning Allen Roach; and Nicole Osmond, Atlantic Director for CYBF.

There’s so much money out there for young Canadian entrepreneurs. Go on and get some!


The trades want you…especially you ladies.

organic produce
teenagers teamwork

Will the chance of earning high school credits convince you to join 4-H?

oil derrick

When I grow up, I want to be a petroleum engineer. (Said no one ever.)


There’s no time like the present.

dog food tester

You wouldn’t believe what some people do to earn a buck.

coolest schools in the world

Check out some of the most amazing schools and see what you think about the importance of study enviroment.


How will you chart your course?


Fire fighting is as noble as it gets. But it won’t make you rich.

trying to decide

How much does your dream job really pay?

animal trainer

Sometimes it’s easier to work with animals than humans.

fitness trainer

Earn a living by helping people get healthier.


Is there money in taking pictures?

food critic
follow up

There are people who can help you sort out your future.


Conservation officers have a pretty nice gig.

hockey coach

Could you be the next Don Cherry?

music teacher

Would a carer as a music teacher fill your life with glee?


Use your brains, ladies!


There’s a lot more to a career in agriculture than there might have been when your grandfather or great grandfather started the family farm.

quality control

Use a science degree to help maintain order in the world of food.

self awareness

What your into now might very well help you figure out your future.


Celebrity Chef Michael Smith shares some advice.

dog groomer

How would you like to spend your life making dogs look better?

cool jobs

Some of the coolest things you can do for money.


With a career in aerospace.

forensic scientist

What would a real career in crime scene investigation look like?

tattoo artist

Learn what it takes to have a career in tattoos.


What would you do with an extra day?